turist visa

Tourist visa a two week visa on arrival is available for the residents of 33 countries including the UK, the United States, Canada and Australia. Payment can be made at the immigration desk with Visa, Visa-Electron, Mastercard, Maestro or E-Cash. It can be extended for a further two weeks. A hotel booking or the presence of relatives in the country is required.


Business Visas are issued to those who have applied in advance; these are organized by Qatari Companies. Their validity is dependent on the length requested at the start of the visa application. They can also be extended at airport immigration. An exit visa is only needed if the individual on the business visa has stayed longer than four weeks.


For those who are planning to stay for several months or move permanently, expatriates will require residenc e permits and work visas, normally arranged by their companies. In order to get this, expatriates will need a health check, which will include a blood test and chest x-ray. This will be followed by fingerprinting. You must also get your blood type tested.


Workers sponsor their own families. In some circumstances, expatriates need to go ahead of their family and arrange their own resident permits before applying for a family visa, which can be applied for at the Department of Labour on C ring road next to the American Hospital. You will be given a form to complete with a list of the relevant documents: approval letter from work, bank statement of salary for the last six months (for non-government employees), marriage certificates, copies of children’s birth certificates and education certificates. You also need passport photos of yourself, your spouse and your children. Alternatively, you may be able to bring your family on tourist visas.

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