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Aroma Diffuser in Qatar

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Model: Aroma Air Freshener Devices Sidra-300

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Aroma Diffuser in Qatar, 


Aroma lamps, or diffusers, are used to diffuse essential air in

 aromatherapy and esoterics. They may project the diffuse air into the air by heating it,

 letting it evaporate naturally, or nebulizing it using compressed air or ultrasonics rays.


An air purifier cleans the air from atmospher, while an air diffuser adds fragrance to it.

 When inhaled, the air purifier eliminates all of the nasty and potentially harmful

 airborne molecules. It purifies the air so that it is safe to breathe.

 People use diffusers to release aromatic scents into the air.


A diffuser is "a device for reducing the velocity and increasing the static pressure

 of a fluid passing through a system”.The fluid's static pressure rise as it

 passes through a duct is commonly referred to as pressure recovery. In contrast, 

a nozzle is used to increase the discharge velocity and lower the pressure of a

 fluid passing through it.


Frictional effects during analysis can sometimes be important, but usually they

 are neglected. Ducts containing fluids flowing at low velocity can usually be 

analyzed using Bernoulli's principle. Analyzing ducts flowing at higher velocities

 with Mach numbers in excess of 0.3 usually require compressible flow relations




Categroy : Air Quality Care

Model : Aroma Air Freshener Devices Sidra-300

Power : 8W -Input Voltage: AC100V-240V

Product Size :W190*D90*H220mm

Bottle Capacity : 200ml

Color : White & Black

Net Weight : 2.5kg- Meteral : Metal

Area Coverage 100m2,

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